What is a Pollinator Protection Pledge?

By taking the Pollinator Protection Pledge, you are committing to do your part for pollinator conservation efforts.

In summary, the pledge asks for you to commit to:

  1. Growing a diversity of pollinator-friendly native plant species 🌼.
  2. Use pesticide-free plants and commit to not using pesticides and other harmful chemicals ☠.
  3. Provide space for pollinators to nest or build a bee hotel 🐝. Remember, some pollinators live underground, so you need to accommodate these insects too. Bee City Canada has a fantastic educational guide for designing a garden for a variety of species.
  4. Education 📚! Start by chatting with your neighbors about creating a bee-friendly garden. If you have a blog, write an article to help educate people.

Take the Pollinator Pledge

Ready to take the pollinator pledge?

If you are Canada-based, you can take Bee City Canda Pollinator Pledge.

For those based in the United States or other parts of the world, you can take the global Xerces Society Pollinator Pledge.

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