Good news if you love honey bees, drive a vehicle, and live in Texas. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV), in partnership with the Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Honey Bee Education Association (THBEA), has issued a new "Love Honey Bees" license plate.

Love Honey Bees TxDMV License Plate

The new Love Honey Bees license plate features Gaillardia pulchella or Indian Blanket Flower, a common wildflower in Texas. Honey bees circle above the flowers.

Mockup of the new LOVE HONEY BEES license plate
Mockup of the new LOVE HONEY BEES license plate - Image Source: TxDMV

Right of the flowers is the license plate number, and below in yellow lettering with a red outline is LOVE HONEY BEES.

What is the cost of the Love Honey Bees TxDMV License Plate?

The love honey bees plate fee is $30. A generous $22 goes to the Texas Department of Agriculture for grants to the Texas Honey Bee Education Association.

Who is the Texas Honey Bee Education Association?

Who is THBEA, and where does the money go? According to the official THBEA website,

"Texas Honey Bee Education Association is a charitable research and education organization with a mission to further knowledge in the process of protecting honey bees and establishing more informed beekeepers."

The THBEA works closely with the Texas Beekeepers Association, whose members manage hives to keep bee populations alive.

Many of these hives help pollinate crops for Texan farmers and/or produce Texan honey, which benefits both the State and the United States.

In 2020 and 2021, THBEA is focused on raising awareness and educating people about the plight of bees.

One of those initiatives is aimed at Texas Youth, where scholarships and mentorship programs are offered to youngsters interested in beekeeping.

"The money that we get, we use towards education programs, for beekeepers, for youth, we also use it for public education programs. We want to educate the public on the benefits of honeybees."
Roger Farr - Chairman of the Texas Honey Bee Education Association.

Check out more of the projects THBEA is currently running or download the great resources the organization has put together.

THBEA is registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and tax-deductible donations. You can donate directly to THBEA on its website.

How Texans Can Help Bees

Supporting charities like the Texas Honey Bee Education Association is a great start. If you want to do more, there are some actionable steps you can take at home.

Start by creating a pollinator-friendly garden. Plant a diverse range of native flowers, avoid using chemicals, grow your own vegetables, and design your garden to accommodate all pollinators.

Bee City USA has a ton of resources to get you started, including native plant selection, pollinator habitats, education on chemicals, and more.

Looking for a DIY project? Why not build a bee hotel to give safe refuge to pollinators in your garden. About 30 percent of the 5,000 North American native bees build nests in cavities or tunnels. A bee hotel gives these bees a safe place to nest and thrive in your area.

If you need a tee to go with your new license plate, check out our trendy save the bees tees in-store. We donate $2 to bee charities like Bee City for every tee we sell.